Sunday, July 30, 2006

My visit to Bedok Jetty (BJT)- Fishing for Tambans.

I would go to Bedok Jetty (BJT) when the in-coming tide is in the mornings, usually between 10-12 pm. to catch Tamban fish.I like the morning tides as the noon sun is too hot and scorching. You will get a good tanning after a few visits at BJT. My usual out-fit: hat, sunglasses & long sleeves polo. My gears are: pail, Tamban rod, hooks and sinkers.
After the catch, I would process the fishes and to keep some as bait for future fishing trips to the jetty.

What are Tambans?
They are what you can call Bait fishes, small size around 60mm-100mm in length. They are around the jetty pillars and sometimes comes in large shoals.
When they are around, predator fishes are lurking to have a feast.

  • So, I fish the Tambans and used them to catch the bigger fishes.
    Tambans in basin.

    How to catch Tambans?
    I used a short rod and a small reel. For the hooks it is a small size luring hooks with a short feather.

Where to buy the hooks?
I buy the hooks form the man (called Jepun) selling at the jetty. A short, well tan, rustic look and extremely experience in fishing. He is usually around the jetty in the mornings, almost everyday. May be the only time 'Off' is during the Chinese New Year.
You can get the hooks at fishing shops in Singapore, but let me warn you about these commercial hooks. You will face disappointment catching the tambans. The catch rate is low.

  • my set of hooks- look how small they are.

How to cook a tamban dish?
Used to be the fish for Nasi Lemak, but now the ingredient for Nasi Lemak have changed to using 'Kunning fish'.
It is best eaten deep fried. Season with Tumeric powder and flour, then put into hot oil to fry. I would finished the whole fish - Head to tail nothing left behind.


haja maideen said...

Jepun is dead now, to bad.

Vin_Yeo said...

I got to know the news just one month ago.....sad. He is an icon there selling tamban hooks and teaching newbees how to fish tambans. May his soul rest in peace.

Majid Vijah said...
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Dr Purva Pius said...
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